Our companies


Aforti Finance is a company specializing in providing sole traders with “non-bank” loans.  They  are dedicated to entrepreneurs whose access to financing their own business  is restricted due to the stern  requirements  of the banking law. Unique on the market client’s assessment system and  swiftness of the process, allow the clients to obtain the required  funds with ease.





AFORTI Exchange is a functional currency exchange platform for companies. Offering wholesale exchange rates, allowing for convenient, non-cash exchange without leaving the office.
Our Clients are guaranteed   professional  counseling  regarding  transactions on the currency market.
Aforti Exchange provides businesses with full service. Moreover, thanks to low prices of currencies, we are able to offer an attractive alternative to services provided by banks.
Transaction Service was prepared on the basis of advanced security procedures, modeled after leading IT systems used in banks. Modern safety measures give the user  the sense of reliability, and have no negative impact on the intuitiveness of the service.
Complete Customer satisfaction is our priority. AFORTI™ Exchange allows for inexpensive and convenient currency exchange – at any given time or place with Internet access.




Aforti Ac S.A.

Aforti Ac  offers  full range of accounting and payroll services for all entities within the group.



AfortiCollections S.A.  is a Polish  nationwide debt collection company specializing in managing debts with a wide range of collection tools at its disposal.
Our company  also deals with acquiring and servicing of the portfolios of debts. Effectiveness is what allows us to face the expectations of a  varied group of clients, which consequently gives us a significant advantage over other entities in the  field. We continue to develop and seek new solutions which  increase the effectiveness of the debt collection process.
Our Clients are offered  a full debt collection, legal and financial service. Accordingly planned debt collection processes are conducted with the support of state-of-the-art  IT solutions.
The debt collection process is conducted individually and consistently, while preserving good business relations between both sides.


We seek solutions, not problems.



Aforti Capital  is a company specializing in corporate finance, as well as, financial and strategic  counseling  for businesses. Our offer is dedicated for  small and medium-sized companies.