Aforti Group Holding is not slowing down. After the fourth quarter it recorded over 43 per cent. increase in sales

Aforti Financial Group Holding presented the results for the last quarter of 2016. The reported data confirm the rapid development of the group and the consistent strategy execution. Consolidated revenue in the fourth quarter amounted to more than 62 million PLN. This is an over 43 percent increase compared to the same period in 2015. In the reporting period, the Group’s net profit grew by 20 percent, and the assets have nearly doubled.

Aforti Holding Group after four quarters reported consolidated revenues of 62.40 mln PLN which is 43 per cent higher compared to the same period of 2015. Net income of the Group increased by 20 percent to the amount of 648 thousand PLN. At the end of the period, the Group’s assets amounted to 34.51 million PLN, which have nearly doubled compared with the end of 2015. This significant improvement in performance is a result of the consistently implemented strategy for the years between 2016 and 2018.

“For those investors who carefully watched our monthly sales and operational reports, the results for the fourth quarter are not surprising. In the summer, we adopted a development strategy for the Group and for the individual companies included in the Aforti Holding. With well-chosen direction and consistent implementation of our goals, we are developing very rapidly. A large part of the strategy assumptions have already been completed, so it will be necessary to summarize the achievements and perhaps set the new ones. “- Said Klaudiusz Sytek, the President of Aforti Holding SA.

In the fourth quarter, the consolidated sales revenues amounted to 21.97 mln PLN and were higher by 60 per cent as compared to the same period of 2015. Net profit of the Aforti Holding Group amounted to 123,60 thousand PLN against 324.01 thousand PLN in the fourth quarter of 2015.

During the reporting period, the Aforti Finance company operating in the market of loans for small and medium-sized enterprises, reported a more than 72 percent growth in terms of loan disbursements, compared with the same period in 2015. . During this time, the value of the submitted loan applications and the number of submitted applications has doubled – respectively by 139 and 94 percent.

What is more, Aforti Exchange, which provides exchange services via the Internet platform, recorded the increase in turnover of almost 51 percent in the fourth quarter, to the amount of 9.9 million euros. This value is higher than in the first half of 2015.

The debt collection company Aforti Collections ended the fourth quarter with almost 21 million PLN value of debt cases. During this time, it gained more than 9.1 thousand. pieces of orders.
Aforti Capital in the fourth quarter focused primarily on acquiring new customers and offering services in corporate finance activities.

“Our operating companies in the fourth quarter were doing extremely well. Both Aforti Finance and Aforti Exchange recorded a jumping development. Good results reflect how well the market accepts our products and services. I am convinced that the next period will be present also good, and even better. The dynamics of the development company has not been hampered as confirmed by the recent operational results and sales for January 2017. “- Says Klaudiusz Sytek.
According to the company during the reporting period, the authorities of Aforti Holding have also taken effective action to convert a short-term debt financing to the medium and long term. This affects the financial security of the entire Group, provides the opportunity for further development and lowering the financial costs.

“Ensuring an adequate financing and liquidity at such a dynamic development of the Group is extremely important. Extending the period of repaying the debt will ensure the Group stabilization and greater financial flexibility. “- Concluded the President.