Both operational and sales results of Aforti Holding in January 2017 at the level of the entire first quarter of the last year

Aforti Holding Group, which offers financial services for small and medium-sized businesses, announced the operational and sales results for January. In the first month of the new year we will see a marked increase in the the Group’s scale of operations. Aforti Finance granted loans totaling more than 1.2 million PLN in the reporting period. Aforti Exchange recorded more than a threefold increase in turnover on the currency exchange platform in the same period compared to January 2016. The value of recovery orders of Aforti Collections amounted to more than 5 million PLN.

It was a very good beginning of the year for Aforti Finance, which offers micro-loans for small and tmedium-sized enterprises. In January, 2017, The Company recorded another record results in terms of the granted loans and the value of submitted applications. In the past month it provided loans for a total amount of 1.2 million PLN. While the value of applications submitted for the same period amounted to more than 4.7 million pln. In relation to December 2016, this represents an increase by 21 and 151 percent. The increases are the the result of the opening of 3 new branches.

“In our assumptions we estimated that January may be slightly disappointing for Aforti Finance compared to December last year. The last month of the year is traditionally a period in which loans enjoy exceptionally great interest, due to the increase in expenditure. Yet, January turned out to be even better, both in terms of the value of the submitted applications and granted loans. The reported results are mainly due to a greatly tailored loan offer and the development of network sales. “- Says Klaudiusz Sytek, the President of Aforti Holding SA.

Aforti Exchange, which offers currency exchange services via the Internet platform reported a sharp rise in the scale of operations. In January, 2017. The value of the turnover amounted to almost 6.2 million euros (around 2016, this value amounted to 28.9 million euro). This is more than three times more than in the same month of 2016.

“The results Aforti Exchange recorded in January are not only at the entire first quarter turnover level of 2016, but they even exceed them. Using the terminology of martial arts, it was a real knockout. So much interest is caused by the constant recognizability increase of our platform among entrepreneurs and the continuous improvement of our system. “- Said Klaudiusz Sytek

At the beginning of 2017 Aforti Collections, the collection agency, noted a decrease in the value of orders recovery. In January it amounted to 5.1 million zł, compared to 12.5 million PLN in December 2016. However, as indicated by the President Klaudiusz Sytek, it is a natural consequence of the very good results of the previous months:

“We are pleased with the results of Aforti Collections. We must remember that this is a young company and it has limited capabilities. The decrease in the value of orders recovery stems primarily from the fact that now we focus on the process of recovery, which is the core business of the company, rather than acquiring new ones. The increase in value of orders in future periods will depend on the efficiency of debt collection processes and the development of human resources. “- Stressed Klaudiusz Sytek.